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I am truly grateful for the help Stephen has given me with my business. He is one of the brightest, most insightful businesspeople I have ever met. He has helped me enormously on a couple of occasions, and has given me ideas that have helped me to secure a ton of new business. His marketing and business savvy never fail to astonish me. There literally seems to be no end to his knowledge and creativity when it comes to finding business and marketing solutions that really work. Best of all, he is one of the most generous and kind people I've ever met in the business community. He's someone who actually cares about you and your business - that comes across immediately, both in the quality of his ideas, and the level of attention he gives you. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Get in the room with this guy for half an hour, and you're going to learn some powerful stuff!

David Jacoby
Boulder, CO

Picture a class V hurricane stirring the ocean into a froth worthy of a starbucks barrista, dashing ships against the rocks, cows and houses flying around crushing evil witches. Now, picture a verdant green isle, lushly tropical, with low hanging fruit, and friendly natives with white swept beaches, and shaded hammocks. The ocean is your business process, your IT practices, your entire vision in action. The calm green isle is Stephen and his advice. Where would you rather be?

Ron Jarrell
Technical Manager
Blacksburg, Virginia

I had the pleasure of working with Stephen while he was at Accumedia. Stephen does business with a great deal of integirty and skill and earns the respect of his peers. I would do business with him any time, his class and skill make him one of the top IT professionals.

Dean Rizzuto, CEO
Boulder, Colorado

Stephen gets things done. Period. He is extremely capable and is in tune with all aspects of a situation. He creates effective almost symbiotic relationships and is adept at managing both up and down.

Dave Gustafson, VP
Boulder, Colorado

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